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#DECODE offers a revolutionary way of learning the language faster and more effectively than ever!

The methodology of the game was created by Professor and Linguist Adam Bevan for students of all ages and all levels of English. His purpose was to create a roadmap which would serve as a game-changer and a new benchmark in how English is taught, by showing the user to learn HOW to learn English and thus, save an incredible amount of time and tired brain cells from the accumulated volumes of vocabulary learnt without the end-result of using it purposefully and usefully when mostly needed.


The methodology is used throughout #DECODE in ten mini-games, each created to stimulate another linguistic mechanism and it was tested in 50 Hungarian schools in a comparative study against Duolingo’s methodology. The study evaluated the speed and the retention of language acquisition for 300 Native-Hungarian speakers, beginners of English. The results showed how the students who played #DECODE learnt the words 50% faster and remembered 75% more than what the students using Duolingo did.